RIFIJAR HOT-MELT : Adhesive for Edge-band
These are EVA based thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives, used in wood working and furniture manufacturing industry for edge banding.

RIFIJAR hot-melt adhesives are available in opaque and transparent granular and other forms for manual, semi-automatic and automatic edge-banding machines, with low melting temperature to high melting temperature depending on the operations of machines and the basic features of adhesive.

RIFIJAR hot-melts are featured with Fast Curing Performance and Few Public Pollution.

RIFIJAR hot-melt adhesives can be used in Edge Sealing in furniture manufacturing industry with 0.40mm – 2.00mm PVC films to solid woods, ABS, MDF boards, WPC boards, Ply wood, Block boards etc. with ease and high bond strength.
PVC edge band tapes, now-a-days, has become one of the most popular equipment in the furniture manufacturing industry. RIFIJAR Edge band supplies high quality products at the lowest possible price to serve every economical class. Rifijar Edge band is working on a principle of Value for Money.

Rifijar Edge band is available in a wide range of colours and patterns matched to all popular high pressure and TFM surface. It is lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control and its concave back surface allows for maximum adhesion with minimal glue lines.

RIFIJAR Edge band is available in various lengths, widths, thickness, matte and High Gloss finish with wide range of colours from solid to wooden, metallic and fusion.
RIFIJAR Hot melt Glue Stick
Hot melt glue sticks are now-a-days a very popular adhesive mainly in handcraft and decorative industry. This is 100% solid, non-toxic adhesive containing no solvents or water.

The glue sticks are very much user friendly and can be used for instant, permanent bonding on a vast range of materials without the use of harmful solvents. Rifijar hot melt is available in stick form which is easily loaded into hand-held glue guns.

Most materials can be bonded with hot melt glue sticks providing the parts can be assembled while the adhesive is molten.

The molten adhesive is applied on one of the surfaces to be bonded. When the parts are pressured together, the heat quickly dissipates into substrates, which solidifies the adhesive and a bond or seal is made instantly.
RIFIJAR masking tape is a type of pressure sensitive tape, made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper and easily released pressure sensitive adhesive.

Once upon a time, masking tape was used mainly in painting industries to mask off areas that were to be restricted from paints. In modern days it has become inevitable in furniture industries too. Carpenting work like edge-banding, flat lamination is not possible without it.

For a masking tape, adhesive is the key element. Rifijar masking tape can be used without the fear as, when removed, it leaves no adhesive stain or any damages to the surface it is applied.

Rifijar masking tape is available in various width and lengths as per market need.
SUPER BOND Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.
Super Bond is amongst the leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants in India. All the product offerings are driven by relentless research, innovation and market orientation. Constant endeavour to partner with customers and understand newer substrate bonding needs and challenges has transformed Super Bond into a technology Powerhouse.

The company has been providing substrate bonding solutions for diverse industry segments and dynamic climatic conditions.

One of the finest range of solvent based rubber adhesives to suit a variety of furniture, foam, mattresses, Carpenting and upholstery applications. These products are result of careful formulations using top quality additives and culmination of decades of experience.

Yellow 4 and Yellow 7 are Super Bond’s pioneering initiatives in India. These new breeds of eco-friendly adhesives are formulated using special polymers that impart special properties of quick tack development and higher coverage. Their low viscosity with high proportion of solids gives higher coverage on surfaces (average 25% higher) and superior bond strength.

These adhesives are used in auto interiors, bus body, foam mattresses, chairs, sofa and other similar products. Superior bonding properties make them ideal for taking flexural loads by the green bonds. These adhesives can be used for both spray and brush applications.

Wood bonding technology has been an area of company’s core competence for long time. Available grades of PVA based white adhesives cater to wide wooden furniture segment in India and abroad.

KARIGAR D 3000 :
This is water based, self cross-linking, post forming, fast setting and water resistant specially modified copolymer emulsion, designed for bonding wood or ply to laminate. This is specially recommended for wood to wood and post forming.

KARIGAR D 3000 is highly recommended for finger jointing, water resistant wood to wood bonding and wood/ply to laminate (under heat and pressure hot press) and cold press. Being self cross-linking, provides excellent bond with high heat and water resistance.

KARIGAR D 3000 is economical, single component and self cross-linking with ultra low VOC for excellent and durable bonding.